Friday, December 6, 2013

Updates for 12/6/13

Banquet/Potluck.........Darcy does not think Mo would last the Concert and a Banquet so we are dialing the banquet back.  We still have food/drinks, but most is going to be a pot luck now, in the cafeteria.  We are asking everyone to bring something.  We are dividing out stuff by FIRST NAME as follows;
A-E-----------Drinks----Water and sodas
F-I------------Paper Products--------Plates, napkins, plastic silverware, etc..
J-R------------Food------Veggie platters, chips and dip, finger sandwich's, etc.
S-Z------------Deserts----Cakes, cupcakes, Fruit, etc...

We Will Still have some pizza provided by Sal at Straw Hat.

Donations/Gift...........In talking with Darcy they have a trip planned in July that they have received an extra week free with their timeshare because of a problem.  So all they have is the Villa(room) so we will be buying the Plane Tickets, Car Rental, and all extra we will give them as a American Express Gift Card for food etc..  That being said we are going to keep the fundraiser going until that point so we can collect a lot more money.  We have also had many people ask about donating at the concert so we are going to have a donation box with a sign letting people know exactly what it is for.  This is important because most of the money we have now is being allocated to parts of the event.  So donate when you can or more if you desire later.  I will most likely add more after Christmas myself.

Video of event....................We have hired Teddy Gyi to shoot the concert.  He cut us a very fair and reasonable price.  He will be using multiple camera, capturing people arriving, maybe some interviews and a behind the scenes spot as well.  He will Edited the whole thing, sync sound, etc... to give us a very professional product.  DVD will be available to purchase for around $15-20.  Still have some details to work on such as distribution and ordering of the DVD's  More to come on this.

Pictures of the event...................We will have 2 or 3 people taking stills of the event.  We will burn CD's and have them available for people as well.  As of right now I don't really see it being a cost for people as we will do this ourselves.   Maybe we will also try a online Google drive or something to pass them around too.

In the News.......The Contra Costa Times is doing a story on the event.  The article should be in the paper on Friday 13, 2013, but check all week.  We are also asking them if they can get one of the local News Stations to come by as well, fingers crossed.

Dedication.....................So the Choir room will be now shared by Jill Joseph and Mo.  We are making new plaques for the outside doors as well as two plaques for Mo, one for the room and one for him.  So on Jill's Plaque now It says She was the Heart of AHS, so we came up with this .  We will make Mo's plaque say the same as hers expect change the years and change Heart to Soul.  The outside Plaques will read "Jill Joseph and Ron Molina Choir Room"  and below that will read " The Heart and Soul of AHS" can cry now we just about did.

Odds and ends
---Jeremy Newberry has donated a limo to pick up and drop Mo and Darcy
---We and purchased Mo and Darcy Real Flower Lei's
---I have ordered about 200 Lei's for the Singers and 400 for guests(will be here Monday)
---I have ordered a Guestbook for people to Sign(will be here Monday)
---We will be decorating the Cafeteria and Beede with Photos, trophies and Christmas decorations and will can use help, cleanup too.  We will likely start at 8-9am on the concert day.

I am sure I missed something but here is what I have for now.

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