Sunday, March 2, 2014

DVD Update..Teddy Gyi (Writer Director) did an amazing job, it came out great, you all will very happy.
       So here is where we are.  We will be ordering the DVD's this week.  They will take about a week to make and ship to us.  We will then work on shipping out to people out of the area.  Which means you should hopefully see them in 2-3 weeks from now.  Wahoo.  Any and All local people who can pick up, be delivered to etc.. please do so we can save as much money on shipping to save for Mo and Darcy to have fun with.  Our best guess now is it will cost $3-4 per shipped DVD, that can add up fast.  You will also be able to pick up your pre-ordered DVD at the "Hollywood Premiere" coming later.  We have ordered 200 DVD's and have already sold 100 in pre sales so pass along to any and all who have not yet purchased their copy.  We are also going to be making a Digital Copy available for those who would rather have that instead of the DVD.  If any one who has ordered a DVD and wants it to be a Digital copy instead please message Slapshot Kelly so she can change your order. We will work on the best way to distribute that. 
      Now I should not have to say this, but PLEASE DO NOT burn copies or Share Digital Copies with anyone.  This is for Mo, we are not making any money.  If we run out for some reason we will be happy to get copies made at that point. 
     Now the Hollywood Premiere, we are going to try and do this the same day as the dedication so we are going to be sitting with AHS to work on when that will be.  Keep checking the Blog and event page for more info as it comes.
     I will be working on Mo and Darcy's plane flights and car in the coming weeks.  If there is anyone with connections to Airlines, Travel agencies, Car Rental companies that can give us a deal please message me directly ASAP.  Also if there might be someone with a lot of Sky Miles that would like to donate them as well please message me. 
     Pictures from the event.....We will be posting a link in a week or so of pictures that were taken.  Please feel free to copy and print what you want that was all donated time from our photographer's( Jeni and Bob Driskell)  We will be taking some of the best and from the Premiere/dedication and making a photo book for Mo and Darcy.
     Thanks to David Driskell, Jamie Hernandez Driskell Kelly Davis, Elizabeth Ann Ansari (Elizabeth Goldsby), and Teddy for you work last night and in the coming weeks to make this happen.
Any questions feel free to ask.  And thanks to everyone who came, donated their time and money and for all the love and support during the last 7 months.
FYI...New Address for mailing in Donations and DVD forms.
Kelly Davis
4949 Clayton Road Apt. 20
Concord CA 94521

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

UPDATE....Raw cut of the DVD will be done this week...thanks Teddy.  We will be working on edits/Additions on March 1st as well as planning the "Hollywood Premiere".   Once we give Teddy our edits he will make the edits and render the DVD i.e. menu building etc..  I would guess we would be ready to start delivery around the end of March or Beginning of April.  I also would say we would be looking at April/May for the "Hollywood Premiere".  Thank you for your patience and Please pass along the word to anyone who might not see this, Thank you