Thursday, December 5, 2013

UPDATE...... DONATIONS ........We have started to take off, Thank you all.  Let's keep them coming and let me tell you why.  We have a great opportunity right now.  I had a meeting with Teddy Gyi, for those who do not know him you will one day.  Teddy is a Director and an AHS Alum.  His movie "Refuge" will be coming out soon, he has directed commercials, music videos and comedy shows. He is the Real Deal.  Anyway he and his business partner came out to scope the job and are hopefully going to shot the whole event for us.  I am not talking a video camera for Best Buy on a tripod.  They are talking multiple cameras and angles, sound sync, professional editing and creating of DVD's.  We would give Mo and his Family a free copy as well as Sell them to everyone for about $15-20 for his time.  This will be buy at the store quality work for what I hear them talking.  This is an excellent chance for us as this will be the Biggest and maybe Last Reunion we will have and this will be a great way to keep this memory. Many of you who have moved may not see Mo again or be able to make it to the event at all I will setup a poll to see how many people would want copies, unfortunately we can't base Teddy's Time, Rental equipment and help on sells of the DVD alone since we don't know how much it would make, so we will need to pay him from our donation fund.  He is going to give us the very best price possible once he checks on some rentals.  We will do the sound recording so that saves us and we have some video production students to help which also lowers our costs.  So let's keep the money coming and make this happen.  Please vote on the polls.  More Updates to come tonight and tomorrow.

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